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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fitness way of life - Day 1

I weight 255LBs.
I am 6 feet tall.
I am male.
It begins today.

The modified Herscehl Walker way of life:
1 meal
Exercise              GOAL               ACCOMPLISHED TODAY
Push ups             750/1,500          14
Sit Ups                2000/3,500        200
Squats                 2000/3,500        110
Dips                    750/1,500          20
Pull Ups              750/1,500          0 - need to buy a pull up bar or find a tree.


  1. Great post! I hope your blog really blasts off this year!

  2. Looking forward to follow this. Always nice to read about other peoples progress.

  3. I will do this also, need to get back into abduction weight.


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