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Monday, January 2, 2012

"Starvation Mode"

This is bullshit. You won't go into this unless, you don't eat at all. If you eat 1 meal a day you won't "starve". Starving means no food at all for a long time. Fasting is very different. Most money in the exercise world is made on supplements or bullshit you don't need. You don't need tons of meat to get muscles.

"I think it is because the whole concept of fasting for weight loss and health has
been villainized in western society as it goes directly against one of the most
basic principles of business – Supply and Demand. To the food industry, the
idea of people eating less is bad for business!

Consider this; each day in the United States, the food industry produces
enough food to supply every single person with almost 4000 Calories4. On top of
that, 10 billion dollars per year goes into advertising this food5.  It would be a
huge financial disaster for many food companies, if all at once, everyone in the
United States decided not to eat for one day out of the week.

This is why the food and nutrition industry is willing to suggest many different
theories on how to lose weight, as long as it means we continue buying and
consuming foods.
" Brad Pilson, Page 22 of Eat Stop Eat.


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